You know that feeling: a closet that’s packed with stuff yet you can never quite find the right thing to wear.

At Rent frock Repeat, we believe that fashion isn’t just about owning stuff: it’s about walking into a room knowing you look good. The right dress can change everything. It can make you feel elegant, beautiful, and confident—a real Cinderella moment. Our goal is to create this moment every time you rent with us.

We shop the best designer dresses from around the world, visiting top fashion shows and showrooms. Then, we make the dresses available to rent for a fraction of the retail price. Save money and closet space by renting a frock for any occasion. Use that cash for the perfect pair of shoes, put it in your vacation fund, or maybe give it to your favourite cause—we know you’ll find a million reasons to Rent frock Repeat.


Rent frock Repeat Programs:

Rent frock Repeat Private Fitting Party

Looking for a unique evening out with your friends? Or maybe a new way to host a client appreciation or staff appreciation? Maybe you want a different type of bachelorette party or birthday party?  A Private Fitting Party at Rent frock Repeat is the perfect solution.  Bring up to 10 of your friends/family/clients/staff/etc. for an evening of food, drink, socializing and trying on beautiful frocks!  Read more…

Rent the Dress, Donate the Rest Rent frock Repeat

When the Rent frock Repeat team formulated our start-up business plan in 2010, we were excited about bringing a new business model to Canada but we also knew we wanted our business to be about more than simply helping women look and feel their best. We wanted to make a contribution and become a community partner. As we worked through the details we realized that our target market are socially conscious women that are often the biggest supporters of community events and fundraisers so we wondered how we could use our community to fulfill our promise to be community supporters. Read more…

Something Borrowed Program Rent frock Repeat

You said YES! Congratulations, your big day will be here before you know it and choosing the perfect wedding dress is an absolute must.  But what about all the events that will come just before and just after the big day? Engagement photos, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner….what will you be wearing? And how do you add this to your budget without your fiancé noticing?Read more…

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