The Story

It all started when Lisa and Kristy were invited to a wedding one March. Neither wanted to spend the money or time on yet another dress that would be worn once, then subsequently tossed in the closet to collect dust and eventually be forgotten. The pair had seen an article about a US-based dress rental service, but quickly discovered that they didn’t deliver to Canada. Determined to make sure no Canadian woman found herself in the same dilemma, Kristy and Lisa founded Rent frock Repeat in August of 2010. It is a 100% Canadian owned and operated business, based in Toronto.

Not only did they realize that they would be solving a common event dilemma many women face, Kristy and Lisa also realized they would be solving the issue of having a mishmash of sizes in their closets, due to size fluctuations (sometimes that dress purchased after indulging over the holidays just doesn’t fit the same way a month later). One of the most common questions their friends asked, when Kristy and Lisa were explaining the concept of the company was, “How will women know they will get a dress that fits if they can’t try it on?”  This made them realize that sending a backup size and providing detailed information about size and fit would help alleviate that concern and hopefully ensure the perfect dress every time.

At the same time, Kristy and Lisa assumed that the overwhelming response they would receive would be all about the financial savings, but what they heard most often was, “It’s obvious this will save me money, but do you know how much time and aggravation you’ve just spared me? I no longer have to go mall to mall, store to store, parking lot to parking lot. Now I can even shop for a dress after I put the kids to bed.” As friends kept sharing reasons why Rent frock Repeat was such a good idea, Kristy and Lisa booked a flight to New York City and started buying dresses.

Kristy and Lisa have a combined 13 years of experience in sales and marketing, and an infectious passion for the fashion industry. They work with designers, purchasing dresses either directly or through their authorized sales agents. Rent frock Repeat scours both the runways and the showrooms of top designers to find amazing frocks that would normally be outside of the average woman’s budget–or just not available locally–and makes them available to rent and return at a small fraction of retail prices.

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