In case you didn’t know, our co-founders Lisa Owen (previously Delorme) and Kristy Wieber, started Rent frock Repeat from the ground up. It all began when the pair were invited to a wedding one March. Neither wanted to spend the money or time on yet another dress that would be worn once, then subsequently tossed in the closet to collect dust and eventually be forgotten. The pair had seen an article about a U.S.-based dress rental service but quickly discovered they didn’t deliver to Canada. Determined to make sure no Canadian woman found herself in the same dilemma, Lisa and Kristy founded Rent frock Repeat in August of 2010. It’s a 100% Canadian owned and operated business, with showrooms in Toronto and Ottawa.

Since our leading ladies have been there and done that when it comes to setting up a business, it only made sense that we share their insights with our fans and followers.

This week, we asked Lisa:

What’s Your Best Career Advice for 2018?

The best career goal advice I was ever given was to figure out what my boss’s goals were and to find a way to make sure I was helping him or her achieve those goals.  Employees that make their boss’s job easier always stand out from the pack and also develop a better sense of what is happening the level above them.  It also shows that you have an understanding of the bigger picture and how you fit into those goals.  More importantly, it helps you feel a sense of contribution which is what we are all seeking.  We all want to know that what we do for 8-12 hours a day has an impact. 

Here’s an action you can take right now: 

If your boss hasn’t shared their goals with you, proactively make an appointment with them and be sure to ask the question: How can I help you achieve your goals? After you find this out, follow up with the question: How does that impact the larger goals of the business?

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