As winter rapidly approaches, several things happen: the air gets colder, your clothes get thicker, the lattes get minty-er, and your lips get chapped, inevitably. While we can’t prevent winter from coming, it is possible to prevent the pain and annoyance of chapped lips. Here are some of our favourite heavy-duty lip moisturizers!

For the Shine Lovers


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Hourglass N° 28 Lip Treatment Oil

This is the ultimate in moisture decadence. A silky blend of 14 essential oils melts into your lips, repairing damage, filling out lines, and giving impeccable sheen. Like a spa treatment for your lips, this is a luxury more than an every day product. Word of warning for windy days: sticky.

Available at Sephora, C$49.00


For the Naturalists

bite agave lip mask, bite beauty, bite beauty review,

Bite Beauty
Agave Lip Mask in Champagne

An all-natural “lip mask” is like a face mask: designed to be left on thicker and longer in order to lock in moisture. This mask, however, can actually be worn out of the house, unlike the usual seaweed-and-mud fare. A hint of rose gold adds subtle glamour to self-care in the best way. And the agave makes it taste like dessert! Again, girls with longer strands, stand guard: agave glues hair to face something fierce. Reserve for hours spent mostly indoors, like the office (wink, wink). Bonus: Bite is natural, food quality, and Canadian!

Available at Sephora, C$30.00


For on the Go

line and define primer, bite beauty, lip review


Bite Beauty
Line & Define Lip Primer

This is a triple threat of a product: flawless lipstick base, perfect pencil, AND a silky, weather-defying moisturizer. Compliments will abound from those you deign worthy to feel their lustrously smooth touch. The thin pencil slips perfectly into pockets of both pants and purses, and the matte finish is barely there. The minty taste is both tingly and refreshing. Since this is a wax stick, no stick!

Available at Sephora, C$25.00


For the “I’m-always-losing-my-lip-balms”

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NIVEA Hydro Care Duo pack 2 x 4.8g

Lip balms are easily lost, let’s be honest. For those of us who would lose our cellphones if they weren’t hot glued to our hands, this Nivea balm is smooth and universal lip saviour. With no flavouring or colouring, it is suitable for the most sensitive of kissers. Plus, it comes in a handy two-pack! Stock up, ladies.

Available at most drugstores, and also, C$2.82


BONUS: For already chapped lips


bite beauty whipped cherry scrub, bite beauty scrub, lip scrub, bite beauty review

Bite Beauty
Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

Gently exfoliate chapped lips with this 100% natural, cherry-flavoured lip scrub. Once all that yucky dead skin is gone, your favourite lip moisturizers will sink in better and fix up your kisser in a jiff!

Available at Sephora, C$21.00