Oh, photo shoots, how we love and dread you at the same time.  You can plan and plan and plan and inevitably the day is organized chaos at best.  You start at the crack of dawn and finish late into the night, totally exhausted.  But, is it worth it? Absolutely.  Not just to see the finished product (dress on lovely model, hair done, makeup stunning, amazing shoes, perfect lighting = awesome) but it’s about the people.

Family reunion

Over the last two years the models, makeup artists, hair stylists, interns, and shoe sponsors that come out to the shoots have become more than just our supporters, they’ve become a little RfR family.  So, when we get together, it’s like an awesome family reunion.   There are always lots of hugs, lots of laughs and often spontaneous dance parties.  We couldn’t function without these amazing people, so a big thank you to everyone who comes out.

This new Spring 2013 inventory is truly incredible.  We’re very excited to bring on some new designers such as ERIN by Erin Fetherston, ABS by Allen B. Schwartz, Maelle – just check out this stunning number by new addition Tadashi Shoji.

Tadashi Dress

Town Shoes is a huge supporter of ours and we couldn’t do our fashions shows or photo shoots without them.  They always have the most perfect shoe for each of our dresses.

Town Shoes

We had the pleasure of working with internationally published commercial photographer, Magdalena M.  We loved the fact that she was previously a fashion designer, so she has an excellent eye to make the dresses come to life on film.


One of our leading makeup artists and hair stylists, Linda Radan, came out to help.  Linda started with us before we even launched to get our models ready for our first catalogue shoot.  Not only is she incredibly talented, but she gives awesome hugs.

Linda Radan

We had the amazing opportunity to work with Dylan Raine, who works at The Lid Lounge, and had also done our models hair for our Cuisine & Couture event during Fashion Week.  Dylan is extremely skilled, versatile and creative.  He was able to create soft, vintage-inspired waves for one model, an updo of twisted braids for another and then a brilliant faux-hawk.


A new member to the RfR family is Fiona Man, an incredible makeup artist who also makes macarons on the side.  Not only did she do an amazing job, she is outstanding at social media (thanks for all the Tweets, Fiona).


One of the things we are most proud of is that our models are real women – even though some of them model professionally, they are also moms, have careers, go to school (some of them are even our interns) and are all different shapes, sizes and ages.  They give us their time again and again and we are so appreciative of them.  Our biggest thanks for Kaila, Alex, Kim, Marina, Zlatina, and Dominika.


Beyond being fabulous, they are also highly entertaining – it never fails that there is always one model who basically dances her way through the photo shoot.  This time, that model was Amaka.

Amaka Dancing

It is our sincere belief that RfR interns are the best.  Yes, maybe we are biased, but they give us everything they’ve got and come back for more, even when their internship is over.  We had two models not able to make it to the shoot, so we asked (okay, dragged) two of our interns into hair and makeup, got them in a dress and put them in front of the camera.  A huge thanks to all of the interns that came out to help: Arlene (Event Planning superstar and we made her model), Bianca (new intern who we LOVE), Josee (super stylist), and Ksenija (social media wizard, I tell you!) and Jane (smarty pants who JUST started with us),…and those who don’t even work for us anymore, but still came out to help: Remy, Holly (we made her model, too), and Kerry (we miss you guys!).


And, as always, we leave you with the outtakes.

SP13 Outtakes