The gala invites are in and it is time to prepare for the event of your season! Next comes the big question of “what are you going to wear?” “While a formal dress code is a great excuse to dress up, buying the right outfit can get expensive.” – The Cut There is no sense to purchase a gown that you know you will only wear for one night, this is where we come in. “Don’t be afraid to text your host for clarification.”– Vogue Below are our picks for the gala events of the season.

Bold and Fearless Trend: 

In a black tie world where most wear traditional white and black pieces, add some bold colour to the guest list. Jewel tones are always a good decision, especially in the fall and winter months where most of the galas take place. The Azul with Gold Peonies Off Shoulder High Low Gown perfectly embodies this trend. The jewel tone of the blue and the metallic of the gold create the perfect combination. The high low gown will be perfect for your descent down the stairs with the long train. It is classic for photos and gives you a Victorian feel. Style with metallic jewellery and shoes or take a chance and style with the canary jewelled earrings. It will blow people away.

Ball Gown and Trumpet Skirt Trend: 

Wanting to add a burst of colour to your Black tie affair? Then look no further than our Candy Pink Spaghetti Strap Gown. Its ball gown/ trumpet style skirt is perfect for a dramatic entrance to a black tie affair and never goes out of style. This gown has all of the simplicity desired by those who love accessories. Style this dress with black, silver or gold heels, to complete this look. Add metallic jewellery to bring out the sharp colour of the dress.

The Outstanding Black Dress: 

The gothic century look is in and perfect for those fall galas. Remember black tie doesn’t always mean ball gown. A simple silhouette fitting dress can also be perfect for a black tie event. The high neck and lace are exactly the sophistication that is needed for the event. The high and low skirt is perfect for the entrance of your dreams. Style this with simple black heels to not take away from the overall style. Pair with drop earrings in gold or silver to emphasize the neckline.

Glam and Glitter Trend: 

In keeping with the silhouette style, comes a lighter choice. The Silver and Grey Brocade Off Shoulder Gown is unique with soft tones perfect for all skin types. The silver detail adds sparkle to this look making it shimmer throughout the night. Make sure to embrace the glam and glitter of the black tie trends. Pair with silver drop earrings and silver heels to polish this look.

Classic Long Gown with Royalty: 

Add some Canadian royalty to your next black tie event with the Royal Magenta with Tangerine Stone Gown. Worn by Sophie Trudeau to meet President Obama and the First Lady on their visit to Washington. This dress is a stunning colour and perfect for any black tie affair. Wearing this with small diamond earrings would add sparkle to this dress and not take away from the tangerine stones. Gold or black heels would look amazing paired with this gown. Make an entrance fit for a first lady in this dress.

“Always be mindful of your hosts’ desires and anticipate what their vision is for their dinner, dance, fundraiser, wedding, whatever. What does black tie mean to your host—what does it look like to them?” – Harpers Bazaar Going to a black tie gala and want to make a stunning entrance? We’d love to help you find the perfect frock! “A black tie event does not happen every day so why not make the most out of it through your choice of attire! Be daring and show everybody that you have your own set of rules!” – Style Blog Create your custom profile and book an appointment with one of our experienced stylists at our Toronto showroom today!

By: Sarah Zoschke
Instagram: @_sarahlouz