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My First Month as an RfR Intern

The Intern Diaries are back! Each month we'll give you a behind-the-scenes look into the life of an RfR Intern. Here's one of our newest girls, Tatjana, during her first month at Rent frock Repeat: After moving to Toronto to pursue my dream of a career in fashion, a mere month ago I was offered a position as an intern at Rent frock Repeat. Without hesitatio[...]

Working as an RFR Intern

As an intern, you can usually expect to be given roles of very little importance. These roles will leave you feeling demoralized, and they won't equip you with the experience and knowledge that will get you ahead in the workplace. The jobs usually associated with interns are coffee-makers and errand-runners. When taking this job, I expected the worse and hop[...]
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