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She Does The City Blog - RfR Launch Party

We love this blog!  Great article by Ali Maldoff.  Amazing shots from the launch party as well - so many lovely Toronto ladies in our frocks! Whether you are a social butterfly with too many invites to count, or someone who only goes to a few things here and there and has no use for fancy dresses to hang unworn in your closet, Rent Frock Repeat is the perfe[...]

Women's Post Canada Attends the RfR Launch

Natalie Ast, reporting for Women's Post Canada, attends the RfR launch party and chats with LOVAS designer Wesley Badanjak as well as co-founders Lisa and Kristy. People are beyond just wanting to own something, it’s about the experience. So I think this allows them to still have the experience and not the stuff - Lisa Delorme

Vitamin Daily Blog Tells you to Say Maybe to the Dress

Vitamin Daily blog tells you to Say "Maybe" To The Dress. In a world where nothing goes un-Twitpic'd, anyone who follows that “never be photographed in the same thing twice” is having serious credit issues. Or getting really good at borrowing.  

Every Canadian Woman's Solution to Luxury Fashion

Article by Catherine Griwkowski  in the Edmonton Sun - Company offers women the chance to rent pricey dresses. Rent frock Repeat is every Canadian woman’s solution to mouth-wateringly gorgeous luxury fashion that won’t break the bank.  

Never Burn Bridges - Breakfast Television Calgary Part II

What a 24 hours!  Landed and grabbed the rental car (thanks Zoom rental – best car rental service I have received to date!), called my dear old friend Marianne to let her know I was on my way to her house and was quickly zipping through the city that I couldn't help notice has changed quite a bit since I lived here in 2000.  As I drive up to Marianne’s place[...]

Living In The Moment - Breakfast Television Calgary Part 1

We got a call from our publicist, Julia Che, last Thursday “Kristy and Lisa, great news – BT Calgary wants to do a segment next Wednesday –are you game?”  Had she posed that question 5 months ago we would have jumped for joy and responded. “Are you kidding us? Breakfast Television Calgary wants to do a segment about us?  That is incredible.”  Now our respons[...]
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