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RfR's First Customer Rosanne Reports About Us on

Great article on by our very first customer, Roseanne Dela Rosa! They were super-lovely and thrilled, you see, I had the exciting privilege of being their very first customer. To everyone skeptical about renting a dress, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, it’s certainly a great way and option for those of you looking to play Cinderella in [...]

RfR is a Featured Wedding Vendor on Uschi & Kay Blog

RfR is a Featured Wedding Vendor on the Uschi & Kay blog and we have to say, this may be one of our favourite quotes: Have you ever wished that you could wear a designer dress just for one day? Well consider Rent Frock Repeat your fairy godmother then because this new online company allows you to do just that.

She Does The City Blog - RfR Launch Party

We love this blog!  Great article by Ali Maldoff.  Amazing shots from the launch party as well - so many lovely Toronto ladies in our frocks! Whether you are a social butterfly with too many invites to count, or someone who only goes to a few things here and there and has no use for fancy dresses to hang unworn in your closet, Rent Frock Repeat is the perfe[...]

Women's Post Canada Attends the RfR Launch

Natalie Ast, reporting for Women's Post Canada, attends the RfR launch party and chats with LOVAS designer Wesley Badanjak as well as co-founders Lisa and Kristy. People are beyond just wanting to own something, it’s about the experience. So I think this allows them to still have the experience and not the stuff - Lisa Delorme

Vitamin Daily Blog Tells you to Say Maybe to the Dress

Vitamin Daily blog tells you to Say "Maybe" To The Dress. In a world where nothing goes un-Twitpic'd, anyone who follows that “never be photographed in the same thing twice” is having serious credit issues. Or getting really good at borrowing.  
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