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Never Burn Bridges - Breakfast Television Calgary Part II

What a 24 hours!  Landed and grabbed the rental car (thanks Zoom rental – best car rental service I have received to date!), called my dear old friend Marianne to let her know I was on my way to her house and was quickly zipping through the city that I couldn't help notice has changed quite a bit since I lived here in 2000.  As I drive up to Marianne’s place[...]

Living In The Moment - Breakfast Television Calgary Part 1

We got a call from our publicist, Julia Che, last Thursday “Kristy and Lisa, great news – BT Calgary wants to do a segment next Wednesday –are you game?”  Had she posed that question 5 months ago we would have jumped for joy and responded. “Are you kidding us? Breakfast Television Calgary wants to do a segment about us?  That is incredible.”  Now our respons[...]
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