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The RfR Concierge Program at The Delta Toronto

Lost luggage? Broken zipper? Unexpected event? Or maybe the event you are going to ends up being fancier than you were expecting. Or maybe it's just as simple as wanting a fabulous dress during your stay.  In any scenario, the Rent frock Repeat concierge program at the Delta Toronto can help. We've partnered with the Delta Toronto to provide some amaz[...]

Host a Private Fitting Party (or is it Frocking Party?)

Looking for a unique evening out with your friends? Or maybe a new way to host a client appreciation or staff appreciation? Maybe you want a different type of bachelorette party or birthday party? A Private Fitting Party at Rent frock Repeat is the perfect solution.  Bring up to 10 of your friends/family/clients/staff/etc. for an evening of food, drink, s[...]