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Fall Wedding Guest Dress Trends

Fall weddings mean a whole new wardrobe of wedding appropriate dresses for the fall. With summer over we often times find ourselves wondering about what dress we should wear that won’t be so floral and colourful but perfect for the fall. We have you covered with our top 5 dress trends. Striking in Brights Halston’s Grenadine and Tangerine One-Shoulder Asym[...]

Customer of the Week: Mel

When it comes to being a wedding guest, there's always that big question of, what do you wear? Whether the dress code is casual or black-tie, it's always best to avoid wearing white or anything too uncomfortable. You don't want to have to skip the dance floor because of strapless dress malfunction. We DO recommend a fun bold colour or a playful print. Take a[...]

Fall Wedding Looks As Unique As You Are

Fall has officially arrived. The time when we cuddle up in cozy blankets, drink as many pumpkin spice lattes as we can, and stare at all the autumn-inspired wedding looks our heart desires. Whether you're looking for an elaborate bridal gown or are opting for mix and match bridesmaid dresses, this Gold and Navy-themed wedding shoot captured by Pear Studios i[...]
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