Morgan Ratcliffe is the Rent frock Repeat employee of the month!

Morgan is a relative newcomer to our team — but we’re not quite sure how we ever survived without her! She’s positive and a total team player — we’re blessed to call her RfR family!

A few compliments from Morgan’s co-workers:

“Morgan always comes into the office with a smile and a positive attitude. She definitely brightens up the showroom, and her energy is contagious!” — Amanda Tancredi

“Oh Morgan! Always has a smile on her face no matter what situation she’s thrown in! She instantly lifts the room when she walks in with her positive attitude. She has gone above and beyond for the styling team, and I can’t wait to continue working with her. Thanks for being such a team player! Also I don’t understand how she does it but her hair is ALWAYS perfect.” — Fatima Zaidi

“Not only is Morgan easily the most put together member of our team of stylists. She has an incredible ability to remain calm and collected no matter what the situation. She has been an incredible help this last month or so while we struggle with the loss of Michelle, and is always willing to go above and beyond to help the team. Plus she’s always eating and I love that.” — Lauren Bellamy

“Morgan has a smile that can brighten up a room. She’s an amazing co-worker who has some mad baking skills!” — Miranda Furtado

“Unfortunately, I’ve only had the opportunity to interact face to face with Morgan twice but the one thing that stands out is her big warm smile. Right away I knew why the rest of the team liked her so much and why our customers had such nice things to say about her. She’s also a team player. As soon as anyone reaches out for help, Morgan immediately wants to jump in and assist.” — Lisa Delorme

“Morgan brightens any room she walks into. She is welcoming and considerate to customers and her colleagues and makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

She owns up to her mistakes and is accountable for her responsibilities, in which she usually goes above and beyond.

Plus, she makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.” — Kristy Wieber