In design, there are parallels between the fashion industry and the interior Design world. Margaret Shisko, Decorating Den Interiors – The CPI Team, and Camille Mendoza, Stylist – Rent frock Repeat, shared the 2016 trends in a seminar delivered in Ottawa last year. As we start planning for the New year, let’s look back at the 2016 trends in home decor and fashion in this 5-part blog series that will showcase some of the highlights of the seminar:

 Trend #1: Go BOLD with ColourBadgley Mischka

We have seen the paint colour trends for this year, however, the colour story is not limited to serenity and simplicity. From bright fabrics and finishes to vibrant glasswork and art, a multitude of bold colours across the spectrum invigorate home accents this year. While the many shades of blue stand out, vivid, energetic shades of greens, reds and yellows set the tone and help make any room’s personality “pop”.

Noir by Sachin and Babi

There are a few ways to Go Bold. You can BE the pop of colour in a sea of neutrals or you can use it as an accent.
In fashion, don’t be afraid to wear the full colour gown to a formal event. I find there is nothing more refreshing than seeing that pop of colour in the crowd of black gowns and tuxedos. Or if you are looking for a more personal pop of colour, you can accent with a bright red lipstick with blue crystal earrings for the contrast of colour, for instance, if you have a dark hair colour.

Pamella Roland

Curious to find out the trends of 2017? On Tuesday, January 24 at 7:00 pm, join Margaret Shisko, an Interior Design Consultant with Decorating Den Interiors – The CPI Team and Adam Higgs, one of Rent frock Repeat’s top stylist’s to discover the 2017 trends in fashion and home decor taking place at the RfR Ottawa Showroom.

There is no charge to attend, but you must reserve your spot as space is limited, so call 613-599-5564 ext. 233

Authored by:

Camille Mendoza
Rent frock Repeat

Margaret Shisko
Interior Design Consultant,
Decorating Den Interiors – The CPI Team