In efforts to continue to find ways to simplify our lives recently attended Toronto’s 1st edition of ShareFest at the Centre for Social Innovation. We discovered innovative community groups and unique businesses supporting the collaborative consumption movement that we are proud to  be a part of . We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite finds to help you live with #LessStuffMoreLife


Swapsity is a huge online swapping community where you can not only trade stuff but you can trade your skills and talent for things you need. If you have a lot of stuff and don’t need any more things this is a great way to get rid of those things that might still be useful to someone else while receiving useful services like some personal training, or some car repairs.  Swapsity is really about bringing back the bartering system swapping everything from books and clothes to large electronics and cars.  They have regular swapping events where you can meet other swappers and get an idea of how you can get more of what you need by swapping some things you already have.

Swapsity hosted a book swap at ShareFestTo

 The Kitchen Library

Love to get creating in your kitchen but don’t have room in your tiny 500ft2 for all those cool kitchen gadgets. Whether hosting a fancy dinner party or doing some high volume baking for a bake sale you can rent out all those bulky expensive appliances that you seldom use and don’t have room for.  Some awesome items you can rent but may never use enough to want to buy include a dehydrator, and ice cream maker and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! Members of the Kitchen Library can get a deal on their membership with the Toronto Tool Library which we are already huge fans of.

The Repair Café

If you have something broken that needs to be fixed but don’t know how bring it to the repair café where an army of volunteers can help prolong the life of your stuff to keep it as good as new. The cafés are held every month where you can come and get something fixed for free or even do some fixing if you are handy yourself.  The Repair Café at ShareFest had a team of sewers from Clothing Repairathon mending rips and sewing on buttons.  Find out about the next Repair Café coming up in August with all the details here.

Repair Café
Repairathon volunteer doing some mending at the Repair Café at ShareFestTO

 Share Thanksgiving

This great initiative that started in 2012 helps welcome newcomers to Canada by sharing with them the experience of a great Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. With last year’s Thanksgiving being shared in 10 cities and connecting 600 different families the movement is growing to spread good cheer that falls right in line with the origins of the holiday. If you love to entertain in your home and love meeting new people you can sign up to share your Thanksgiving by emailing  to get on their list for October.

ShareFest was a huge success in bringing together the sharing community, we can’t wait for the next one to keep  the  warm sharing feeling  going.  We would love to hear about more sharing businesses and communities across the country. If you know of any great sharing innovations tweet us, share it with us on Facebook or comment below.

Keep Sharing.

Sarah Bella – RfR Blogger.