Here at RfR we are all about living a life of #LessStuffMoreLife . We know renting not only benefits your wallet and your closet space but it eliminates fashion waste by prolonging the life of garments that would only be worn once or twice; leading less garments to end up in a landfill. In the spirit of reducing our footprint during this season of hyperconsumerism we’ve compiled a list of children’s gifts that you can give to your little ones that are reduce the negative environmental impact on the world we live in.

1. Dress Up Wooden Animals

eco gift Dress up Animals
The easiest way to find eco friendly gifts is to think of gifts made through processes that are least harmful to the environment. Classic wooden toys are a simple solution as wood coming from nature does no harm. As long as the trees are farmed responsibly and the glues and paints are naturally based so that when the toy eventually ends up in a landfill it will not be adding dangerous chemicals to the ground. These wooden dress up animals are super adorable, where children can pretend and turn them into unique hybrids with a change of stripes or spots.

2.Bubble Calendar

eco gift calendar
A go to gift for the person you don’t have any gift ideas for is always a calendar. This time of the year calendar stores pop up all over the malls as the year comes to an end; it’s a simple easy gift that is always useful. Think about all the calendars you have received as last minute gifts and how many of them ended up in the bin. We LOOOVE this bubble wrap calendar which lets you have the pleasure and joy of popping the bubbles all year round- if you can control yourself from popping them all at once. Made from recycled paper and bubble wrap it makes a great gift practical gifts for kids and kids at heart.

3. iH2GO Racer Hydrogen Powered Solar Car

eco gift ih2go
This super cool race car kit teaches kids the amazing science behind hydrogen and solar power. Kids get to build their own hydrogen powered car and learn about the science of the future. The race car doesn’t use batteries, the fuelling station is solar powered and just needs to be refilled with water making it one of the coolest toys on the market.

4. Shainsware Recycled Bracelet Starter Kit

eco gift shaines
This DIY bracelet kit is made with recycled parts, teaching your young DIY diva that recycling can be chic. The kit comes with 100 charms of different letters, numbers and icons to create unique bracelets that are right on trend with the huge charm frenzy that everyone is crazy about. Shainsware is unlike all the other super trendy charm collections that can be very expensive. The company’s mantra S.H.A.I.N.S – State How Action Is a Necessary Solution – is a call to action that many young people recognize as they are even more aware of their environmental impact than ever before.

5. Kiss Naturals Hair Chalk Kit

eco gift kiss naturals hair chalk
Another DIY kit for your etsy inspired young ones is this great Hair Chalk Kit from Canadian company Kiss Naturals. The kits are made with natural non toxic ingredients and their website has great How To videos to follow along. The hair  chalk trend is huge  but many cosmetic products out there have all kinds of toxins and dyes that you don’t want want little ones to have. Kiss Naturals also do DIY kits for lip gloss, lip balm, bath bombs and soap to make an entire beauty routine using naturally based products.

 6. A Friend From the Other Side of the World

Yordinia Mic, a child from Costa Rica  you can  sponsor today.

Yordinia Mic, a child from Costa Rica you can sponsor today.

When I think of eco friendly, it’s not just about being good for the planet but for the whole world. In the spirit of the giving season the lesson of giving back is always one of the most important we want to teach our children. Sponsoring a child not only means teaching young ones about giving but also connects them to the world around them. Sponsoring a child is a great gift that keeps giving all year round as it brings you family a pen pal for your kids to connect with on the other side of the world; a reason for them to put down the Ipad and write a letter to someone who can teach them so much more about the world we share.
These are just some of our eco friendly ideas for the gift giving season, if you have any great gift ideas we’d love to hear about them; tweet us or comment below with your gift giving ideas that give back to the planet.

Happy Holidays, Stay Fabulous.