Our Toronto RfR team had a chance to get all dolled up for a two-day photoshoot session with the amazing portrait & wedding photographer, Carole B. Eves. Before getting all glitzed up, all of our ladies headed to the RfR closet in search of the perfect dress and accessories. After finding their keepers, they met with the glam squad, Brushes & Blushes, Euphoria, and Angela Shaw, for their full beauty makeovers!

RfR Logistics Manager, Amanda, channels Old Hollywood glamour in our red-hot scarlet gown by Theia. Read on for an inside look at what it’s like to be photographed in designer dresses.

RfR Logistics Manager Amanda rocking our red Theia gown for her portrait shoot with Carole B. Eves

Behind-the-scenes photo by Renata Pollock Photography

RfR: What were some of the highlights from your photoshoot and how did the overall experience make you feel?

Amanda: Carole was absolutely fantastic and a joy to work with. She made us feel extremely comfortable and confident. I think it was a great bonding experience for the team.

RfR: What made you choose your dress, and in what way did the hair and makeup compliment the look?

Amanda: The Theia Scarlett Gown I chose is a classic beauty. I adore the colour, and love the sleek silhouette. The hair and make-up compliment this look because it gave a real Old Hollywood vibe that was phenomenal. 

RfR Logistics Manager Amanda rocking designer rental red Theia gown

Photographed by Carole B. Eves Photography

RfR: What would be the perfect event(s) to wear this dress to?

Amanda: This gown is so versatile. I would say it would be perfect for any Spring, Summer or Fall wedding. It would also be perfect for a Charity event or Gala! 

RfR Logistics Manager Amanda rocking designer rental red scarlet Theia gown

Photographed by Carole B. Eves Photography

RfR: What body type would work perfectly for each of your dress choices?

Amanda: This gown is very flattering. I would say an hourglass body type would do very well with this choice. It really extenuates your curves and has a real va-va-voom factor. 

A special thank you to Renata Pollock for all the beautiful behind-the-scenes action shots! See the rest of Amanda’s portrait photos here.