Suzy Amis Cameron, an environmental activist and former actor/model talks how we are running out of time to reverse our unsustainable lifestyles. This recognition has resulted in Amis Cameron dedicating her time to promoting her three passions- first and foremost creating sustainable fashion. Her first descent into the world of fashion was launching a red carpet green dress in 2009. This was a global design competition to create a sustainable dress for the Oscar awards night. Today, Amis Cameron is partnering with a fashion company to make a range of dresses that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, including an affordable version of the one showcased at the Oscars and is working with Beyond Skin to create a stylish limited edition vegan, Peta-approved shoe.

“Red Carpet Green Dress really isn’t just about a beautiful dress,” says Amis Cameron. “It’s nice to have a pretty sustainable dress on the red carpet at the Oscars, but we all need clothes every single day. So we are looking at creating a line of clothes that is sustainable and that is in a price range for people to be able to afford because it’s so difficult to find them.”

Amis Cameron goes on to talk about how designers are slowly starting to shift to more environmentally sustainable fabrics. “But if you look just in terms of the fabrics, there are so many more available compared with five years ago and a number of household designer names are starting to shift. It is slow because people have a hard time changing.”

Amis Cameron also goes on to discuss the fact of why sustainable fashion has not become noticeably mainstream. “People get paralysed,” she says. “They think it might be too expensive or that it’s going to take too much effort. And frankly they just don’t even know the first step to take.”

It really comes down to the lack of education around sustainability and the fact that large companies are still making products that are damaging for consumers’ health and for the environment.

Both Amis Cameron and her husband James Cameron are continuing to take on the act of creating a sustainable environment for the world around us.

“Jim and I realized that we have a platform and we’re not shy to use it,” she says. “I started travelling when I was 17 years old and saw back then what was happening in the world and Jim has been writing stories about the destruction of the planet since he was in high school. So I think we’re a perfect union on that front. And I think it just comes out of one of those ‘a-ha’ moments that we need to do something. We need to make a difference.”