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How Sincere! Fashion Blogger Sarah Zoschke Finds the Perfect Dress at RFR

Fashion blogger Sarah Zoschke took over the Sincerely Bri blog to share all the details from her Private Fitting Appointment at the Rent frock Repeat Toronto showroom location. "I met Mary Rose, my personal stylist for the day, and she guided me towards a seating area to chat about the event and what I am searching for. She was great and listened to all of [...]

A Tour Around the Showroom

The concept of Rent Frock Repeat originated exclusively as an online boutique. Women could now shop for dresses and have them delivered straight to their door without ever having to leave the comfort of their comfy couch.  Even though Rent Frock Repeat will send you a backup size (if requested) at no additional charge, as well as offering phone and Skype con[...]

Host a Private Fitting Party (or is it Frocking Party?)

Looking for a unique evening out with your friends? Or maybe a new way to host a client appreciation or staff appreciation? Maybe you want a different type of bachelorette party or birthday party? A Private Fitting Party at Rent frock Repeat is the perfect solution.  Bring up to 10 of your friends/family/clients/staff/etc. for an evening of food, drink, s[...]

Private Fitting Appointments

For Rent frock Repeat members living or visiting the GTA or Ottawa, you can book a FREE Private Fitting Appointment to come in and try on gorgeous frocks!  This is a great way to find a dress for a special event, but also to simply try on dresses that you like, save them to your wishlist, and have them at your fingertips when other occasions arise, such[...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Size & Fit

We get a lot of questions about size and fit!  Not to worry, we have answers! QUESTION #1:  How do I know which size to order? Check out the "FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT" Tab provided for each dress on the Product Page.   Be sure to read the notes provided by the stylists! Measure yourself and compare the measurements against the measurements provided for[...]
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