Rent frock Repeat’s Co-Founder, Kristy Wieber was recently featured on The Globe And Mail in an article discussing: “Are wardrobe rental services worth the cost?“.

Toronto-based Rent Frock Repeat recently decided to switch up from leasing out only special-occasion dresses and accessories to offering everyday clothing on a subscription basis, said its co-owner Kristy Wieber.

This new service, to be launched this fall, allows people to minimize their belongings but still have variety in a budget-conscious way, she added.

“As consumers, all the Marie-Kondo-ing in the world will not replace us wanting to have new things,” she said.

Her service, which is still in pilot mode, also allows people to try things out for a while to see if it’s really the right fit and avoid buyers’ remorse, she added.

“I don’t have to go out and buy stuff and take it back,” she said. “I just can wear it for the month, keep what I absolutely love… Or just try new stuff.”

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