A Countdown of the Top 7 Canadian Mommy Blogs

The internet has now become our main research tool for any topic under the sun. Often we can not imagine life without it. It can give us directions, answers our most embarrassing questions, and provide us with tons of free advice. While we can all benefit from this who needs advice more than moms? Everyday these women have to be a nurse, a chef, a therapist and the list goes on. These top 7 Canadian Mom blogs touch base on what it means to be all these things with relevant advice that will have you coming back for more. Welcome to Mommy Monday, we hope you’ll stay awhile.

7. girlinaboyhouse.com



A tribute to raising boys and to also being a vegetarian! Nicole provides readers with recipes to please a house full of meat-eaters. She is also a devoted yoga practitioner and flower gardener. There is no shortage of humour in this blog.

6. http://www.kateinglis.com


Kate Inglis


Kate is a professional photographer, a children’s book author and a wonderful storyteller. For anyone that is raising boys, this is the blog you will want to be following. It is hard not to consumed by the emotional content and beautiful visuals. A preview of Kate’s photography is featured at the top of this blog post.

5. http://kidsarealrightto.blogspot.ca



Karen has published 2 children’s books and has been featured in many columns, newspapers and magazine. Her blog is filled with quirky family stories about their transition from living in Toronto to a small town in Ontario.

4. http://becomingsomething.com



While Nataha’s blog layout is beautifully consistent, the content is ever-changing. Topics range from Miley Cyrus to why its important to stop trash-talking your body. Reading this blog feels like receiving advice from your closet friend.

3. http://loulousviews.blogspot.ca



Loukia has extensive experience in television, radio and writing. She has received multiple recognitions for her blog and is currently a contributing writer for Ottawa Family Living Magazine. She does not just identify as a mom blogger, but as a lifestyle, shopping, fashion and travel blogger. She is a prime example of what it means to be a “hip mom”.

 2. http://www.phdinparenting.com



Annie is parent, a feminist, and a humanist. Her blog is an environment of trust where people can learn from each-other. She spends a lot of time thinking about and researching issues of importance to parents. This blog has a more serious tone, but do not be intimidated by that. Her posts are informative and will make you think. For example, a post addressing gender roles explores a study that claims “fathers who do a greater share of domestic chores have daughters who aspire to have more male-dominated, higher paying careers”. Annie certainly proves to be a well-educated mom.

1. http://www.embracethechaos.ca

Emma Waverman


Emma Waverman does it all. She is a blogger, writer, author and foodie. She has written for a number of national parenting and lifestyle magazines (Today’s Parent and Food & Drink to name a few) and is the co-author of the cookbook Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them. This self-claimed “realist” tells it like it is. She does not pretend to be the perfect mother and her posts offer humorous and realistic advice. For example, one of her more recent post lists fail-safe methods for dinner that include calling your mother for recipes and ordering in. Seems obvious, but sometimes moms need a reminder that not everything has to be a huge production.

As a Canadian Mom do you rely on the internet for answers? What resources do you use most often and why? Comment below or connect with us on Twitter @RentfrockRepeat #MM (Mommy Monday).

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