The ability to try on dresses has been the number one request from our 85,000 members including our Toronto and Ottawa members who are requesting for more convenient showroom locations to do so. The other request is for more. More designers. More styles. More sizes. More accessories. More service. We want to give all of you what you’re asking for!

In under 3 weeks, through our Kickstarter campaign, we have raised over $186,500 dollars!! Our most popular reward so far is a trip to NYC so we just added a guided shopping tour to Paris, great dress rental bundles and other exciting rewards!

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Did you know that only 3.4 % of Kickstarter campaigns raise over 100,000 in total? And we did that in just under 1 week!

We are well on our way towards hitting our goal of $1.5M so we can:
•    Build a third showroom
•    Complete a 5-city cross-country “pop-up shop” tour to style and serve our members face-to-face
•    And to buy all the MORE for 85,000 of you!

From left, Rachael Regimbald and RfR Co-Founder & CEO Lisa Owen in our Ottawa showroom. Photo: Jessica Deeks

Speaking of Kickstarter, some of you have been asking why we are doing this through a crowdfunding campaign so we wanted to explain.

The revenue we make through our Toronto and Ottawa showrooms goes towards the costs of operating those two locations (rent, salaries, etc.). In order to expand the business, we need $1.5M.

So, we looked at all the regular options most people/companies use to fund expansion:

1) Take out a loan and incur interest rates: The banks are a business as well. They need to make a profit to stay in business, but for us to pay the loan and interest rates that means we need to charge more. Passing on that fee to our customers just doesn’t seem right.

2) Venture capitalists: Companies that give money to entrepreneurs with great ideas and, in exchange, want to own a large part of the company. If the company they invest in is successful, they want 10x the amount they gave you – even if that means there is nothing left for the employees or founders.  The good news is Kristy and I didn’t do this for the money.  We did it because we wanted to work on our own dreams, not someone else’s. But, what if we don’t share the same dream, vision or culture? What if they’re more focused on short-term financial returns which means cutting services that our customers want and have come to enjoy? That is not an option for us.

3) Rich Uncle Harry and Aunt Sally. Checked the family tree and we couldn’t find them.

So we thought, there must be a better way!

And then it hit us!  We already found a better way to help women look fabulous for a night so maybe there’s a better way for us to fund the services you want! And that, my RfR fellow members, is how we came across the concept of crowdfunding.

If every RfR member contributed $25 we would have over $2M to build everything you want. Better than raising the price of each rental (which would add up to more than $25 in the long run) AND we would never have to cut services to satisfy people who don’t share our vision. We thought it was a pretty good idea as well!

RfR Member Laura wearing the Navy Sequin Gown by Badgley Mischka at an Old Hollywood themed party.

Also, through the collective contributions to our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, you are not only building convenient showrooms locations, more styles, more sizes and great rewards…you are contributing to a healthier planet, creating new jobs, supporting local designers and supporting female entrepreneurs.  That’s a lot of value for $25!

How the Kickstarter Campaign Works:

1) Make a pledge. A pledge means your credit card does not get charged.  Only if we hit our $1.5M goal will Kickstarter process your contribution. They will, however, authorize your card when you make your pledge to ensure it is a valid credit card.

2) Choose a reward on our campaign page.
We just added:
a) GREAT prices on dress rental bundles
b) A Girls’ Night Out Package
c) A trip to Paris since our NYC trip is SOLD OUT!

Thank you for believing, like us, there is always a better way.

Pledge and choose your reward HERE today!

Our sincerest thanks,
Lisa, Kristy and our fabulous RfR team – Camille, Callie, Catherine, Brittany, Adam, Jessica, Liz, Jennifer, Anita, Jeanette, Mary Rose, MJ, Melanie, Pippa, Sasha, Mirit, Lily, Adrianne, Kayla, Karin, Chelsea, Sandy and new mom Sandra!


RfR founders Kristy and Lisa, accepting Canada Post’s E-commerce Innovation Award for the Best Omni-Channel Retailer (Small).