Michelle Beilhartz is a yoga instructor, dancer, actor, writer, entrepreneur, and above all, an empowered and inspiring woman to watch. When a blessing in the form of a layoff allowed Michelle to re-evaluate her life and follow her true passion, she started the inspired and mindful living website, Openhartz.com. Michelle also began a YouTube channel called OpenhartzTV, where she shares her truth and empowers women across the globe to do the same. We spoke with the self-proclaimed feel-good junkie earlier this week about body image, healthy living and staying grounded.

Here’s our Q&A with Michelle Beilhartz:

What are three things you can’t make it through the day without?

1.) Green juice. (You can find Michelle’s green juice recipe here).

2.) A couple Vinyasa Flows: Downdog, Twist and Pigeon. Vinyasa Flows fire up the digestive system, give you a chance to recirculate blood and energy and flip your perception a little bit if you’re not in the most positive mind frame.

3.) Contact with my girlfriends and my mom; the women in my life. I wasn’t given blood sisters, but God gave me best friends and soul sisters. I have so many girlfriends from different walks of life and they all contribute something so beautiful to my life. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to appreciate who they all are individually. They’re the ones who have been there for me.

Tell us a little bit about your decision to bring Openhartz to YouTube.

The website happened first and as it was being built, the show idea happened. I had this little idea for an empire for years. It came down to courage and timing. I had been applying to media jobs for two and a half years straight and I didn’t get one interview. Then I realized that while I wasn’t getting a job at a TV station in the city, it was okay because I now had this platform called YouTube where I could create positive content and put that out into the world. And that’s what I want to do. So, I started small. You never know what can happen. Even if just one person finds it in a week, that’s still one person that I have the opportunity to touch and to change and to inspire, and maybe turn them onto a new way of thinking. I know the people that come across it will come across the work as they need it, when they need it.

Michelle Beilhartz - yoga

Michelle exercising her true passion, yoga.

You say “You are enough without the stuff” in your vlogs, and at the bottom of your emails is the line: “You are always enough” – why is this message important to you?

That’s a lesson that I had to learn for myself, especially in regards to relationships, body image and my professional life. There are many times where we don’t feel like we’re enough. We’re all kind of filling our voids. If you’re not enough without fancy cars, amazing condos and a rock star relationship, you’ll never be enough with all of it. One of the biggest lessons I learned once my world was essentially taken away from me, was that I had to really put in the work to let myself know that if I’m not enough sitting here without it, I’ll never be enough with it. We start to define ourselves with our opportunities, relationships, jobs and credentials that we put on our business cards. The first thing people ask is: “What do you do?” Instead of asking what kind of person you are. “You are enough” is that little mantra that I said after class one day and it stuck. You are enough. Just being here, just showing up is enough.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and why?

I have this birthday card that a friend gave me for my 25th birthday and I keep it with me always. It reminds me to stay grounded. “Feet firmly planted on the ground.” That, to me, is the best advice. To stay grounded and stay honest and true to who you are. Don’t get wrapped up in the stuff. Always come back to yourself. When you’re grounded, you’re authentic, kind, compassionate and your energy is magnetic.

Michelle Beilhartz - card

The card Michelle received for her 25th birthday reminding her to stay true to herself.

Is there a mantra or affirmation that you use the most?

I have a Post-It on my mirror that says “Shine, Smile, Inspire, Repeat.” That’s my intention every day for myself and for others.

Michelle Beilhartz - affirmation

Michelle’s favourite mantra taped to her mirror.

What’s one thing you haven’t accomplished yet that you’d like to?

So many things. I want to be a best-selling published author, a motivational speaker, do a TedTalk, chat with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, open my own studio space, host my own lifestyle and mindful living show and, of course, I still would love to have a role on a daytime drama like The Young and The Restless that will never go away.

Michelle Beilhartz - yoga

Michelle practicing her passion.

How would you like to be remembered?

I always want to leave this place better than when I got here. I’d like to be remembered as somebody who was courageous and brave and who lived compassionately. Someone who was kind to other people and who made an inspired and empowering difference in the lives of young women. I want to be a game-changer or trailblazer for young women to feel good about themselves and to really own who they are. I want them to love their bodies and feel great in the skin they’ve been given. That’s the only possession that matters and it’s the greatest one that you’re ever going to be given.

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