Frequently Asked Questions

How RfR Works

  • What is Rent frock Repeat?

    Rent frock Repeat is an exciting new way for women to have access to high-end designer labels for a fraction of the retail cost.

    Find a dress you love, rent it (and choose a second size backup size for only $10) for four or eight days, and return it to us without feeling buyers' remorse or cluttering up your closet with yet another dress you will only wear once. We work directly with designers to get the hottest styles fresh off the runway.

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  • Who are the stylists at Rent frock Repeat?

    Rent frock Repeat has both guest and resident stylists that have an eye for style and an understanding of what types of dresses look best on different body types. Our stylists not only keep up with trends, they stay ahead of them. They are extremely knowledgeable about every dress and can help you find that perfect frock!

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  • How can the stylists help me?

    The stylists at RfR are here to answer any questions you have, but more importantly, they can help you find the best dress for you and your event, whether it's a black tie affair, wedding, or date night. Not only can they suggest the most flattering cut for your body type, but they can help you with accessories, makeup, hair, shoe and lingerie decisions, as well. Our stylists will work with you to ensure the best fit and style.

    You can contact an RfR stylist via online chat, phone (1-855-376-2548) or email .

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  • How do I become an RfR member?

    Membership is free and signing-up is easy! Click here to register.

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  • What are the benefits of being an RfR member?

    Becoming a member allows for the easiest and most convenient dress rental process. You can save your measurements to ensure the best fit, store multiple shipping addresses so that you can have a great frock sent anywhere in Canada, save your favourite dresses to a wishlist that you can share with your friends, write reviews on dresses you've worn to help other women look fabulous, and more.

    As a member, you will receive emails containing the latest styles and designers, giving you the opportunity to reserve your favorite, fresh-off-the-runway dresses before anyone else. Your RfR profile allows us to send you customized information, such as dresses that flatter your body type, frocks in your preferred colours, new arrivals from your favorite designers and more.

    Members also have access to the RfR Trunk Shows, private fitting appointments and parties, phone consultations and Skype consultations, plus much more.

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  • Does RfR have a physical shop that I can visit?

    Although we are primarily an e-commerce site, RfR Members living or visiting the Toronto area can book an appointment for a free private fitting at our Toronto showroom, or book a phone or Skype consultation.

    In addition, RfR members can book a free private fitting party for up to 10 of their friends. This is a really fun evening where members and their friends come to an RfR showroom and have the evening to themselves to try on dresses, eat, drink and socialize.

    To book a private fitting or private fitting party, please email

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  • Why would I rent a dress?

    There are many benefits to renting a dress from RfR! How many times have you bought a dress only to wear it once and have it sit in your closet? Renting a dress not only opens up space in your closet, it opens up room in your budget.

    Wear the hottest designs fresh off the runway−including frocks from designers that are not available anywhere else in Canada! This is your opportunity to try a frock from out-of-reach designers.

    Renting a dress saves you the purchase ticket price, while also saving you from spending money on dry cleaning and spending time running through malls, in search of the perfect dress.

    Who doesn't want to save time? Rent frock Repeat allows you to shop online during your break at work or in the evening after you've tucked the kids into bed. Now you can peruse all the latest styles and get ready for that big event with the simple click of a mouse.

    Many women experience size fluctuations that results in a mishmash of sizes in their closet. Renting a dress allows you to wear a dress that fits you whether you overindulged during the holidays or just dropped baby weight. No more too big or too small in your wardrobe: find a dress that's just right. Even if you're not totally sure of a size, there's no risk. We'll send a backup size of your choice−for only $10!

    Women often stay away from purchasing dresses in styles or colours that are maybe a bit bolder or trendier, because they want to invest in pieces that they can wear again and again. Renting a designer dress from RfR gives you license to wear the bold colour or print you've always wanted to try, while saving you extra cash on the perfect pair of shoes.

    And , let's not forget the benefits to the environment. How many dresses have been tossed out because they sat in your closet for so long they became outdated and couldn't even be given away? Also, think of the gas you're not wasting, from driving store to store.

    Did we mention that renting a dress can improve your relationship? No more fibbing about the price of the dress or saying that you've “had it forever”. Your significant other will love RfR as much as you do.

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  • How do I know my dress is clean?

    We've partnered with a premiere dry cleaner for high-end, designer garments in Toronto. We know that our designer dresses will receive specialized cleaning and care. Also, all of our dresses are inspected by hand before leaving the warehouse.

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  • What if I need to cancel my order?

    You may cancel your order at least thirty (30) days prior to the ordered delivery date, subject to the following cancellation policies and fees:

    - For cancellations that are thirty (30) or more days prior to your delivery date, there is no cancellation fee, and your credit card will be refunded.

    - For cancellations that are twenty-nine to eight days (29 to 8) days prior to your delivery date, no refund will be provided, but store credit in the full amount of the order will be given.

    - For cancellations that are seven (7) days or less prior to your delivery date, no refund or store credit will be provided.

    To cancel your order please contact RfR immediately at 1-855-FROCK-IT (1-855-376-2548).

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  • What payment methods does Rent frock Repeat accept?

    We are proud to accept VISA and MasterCard at this time. The billing address for your credit card must be in North America.

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  • Where do you get the dresses from?

    We work directly with designers and buy either from them or through their authorized sales agents to find the hottest dresses in a variety of sizes for our customers. We do not buy from discount stores or consignment shops. Nor do we purchase used clothing. Often, we may be the only place to find certain designers in Canada.

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