Frequently Asked Questions

Renting A Frock

  • How do I rent a dress from Rent frock Repeat?

    Renting a dress from RfR is extremely easy!

    #1. FIND A FROCK: You can find a frock simply by browsing all the dresses, or use our advanced search to quickly fine-tune your options. Search by designer, occasion, colour, body shape, and much more. You can also use a keyword in our quick search to find what you are looking for. Not sure what you are looking for? Talk to one of our stylists for help.

    #2. RENT A FROCK: Once you've found your frock, select your size and a $10 backup size, if needed. Enter your SHIPPING postal code (where you would like your dress delivered may be different from where you live), and the date you want your dresses to arrive. You can rent a dress for either four or eight days. Even better: rent a second, different frock for the same dates for $35! Great for trips, next day brunches, and more.

    #3. ROCK THE FROCK: We don't want you to just wear the frock; we want you to ROCK THE FROCK! Be confident, feel gorgeous, and strut your stuff.

    #4. RETURN THE FROCK: Simply return the dress in the pre-paid envelope (provided with your order) by dropping it off at your closest Canada Post mailbox or Canada Post office on your specified return date.

    #5. REPEAT: Once you've rented a frock, you'll start looking for reasons to rent again. It doesn't have to just be weddings or black-tie affairs: rent a dress for a girl's night out, meeting his parents, a corporate party, date night, vacation, honeymoon... or simply because it's Thursday!

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  • Can I "Pre-Order"? What if my event is weeks, or even months, away?

    Yes! You can reserve a dress up to four months in advance! When you rent a dress, you are reserving that dress for a specific range of dates. In order to ensure the frock you love is available on the dates you want, be sure to rent early. And if you just received a last-minute invite to a party next weekend? Don't fret! Search by availability to find a spectacular dress that can get to you in time. If you have a special request (including wanting to book more than four months in advance) please contact us.

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  • How long can I rent a frock for?

    You can rent a frock for four or eight days (perfect for long weekends and vacations!) depending on your needs.

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  • What if I rented a dress for four days, but I decide I want to keep it for eight days?

    If you would like to keep the dress for eight days, please contact us before your original return date and we will see if the dress is available. Of course we will have to charge your credit card at that time for the cost of the extension.

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  • When does my rental period begin and end?

    Your rental period begins the day you requested for your dress to arrive and ends (and is returned) on the fourth or eighth day of the rental, depending on which option you selected. In some instances, your dress may arrive early, but your four or eight days are still calculated based on the original date you ordered the dress for. For example, if you choose a Friday for delivery of your dress, and it arrives on Thursday, you will still put it in the mail on Monday. When choosing dates in the calendar, you will see an icon that tells you exactly when the dress has to be postmarked. We do encourage you to have your dress delivered one or two days prior to your event so you can try it on, have it steamed if necessary, and shop for the perfect shoes and accessories.

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  • My rental period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, what should I do?

    Go ahead and drop in any red Canada Post mailbox on your scheduled return date. We are aware of all returns that occur on holidays or Saturdays and Sundays, so as long as the envelope is postmarked for the next day, you will not be billed for a late return.

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  • What if I’m looking for a dress/designer that isn’t featured on your site?

    Let us know!! We're constantly looking to add fresh styles and hot designers to our inventory. We also want to bring you the designers and dresses you want. Contact us with what you're looking for... whether it be a size, colour, style or designer.

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  • What is a second style?

    A second style means you can rock another frock for only $35 for four days! The second style must follow the same rental period as the first frock you rent. For example, you rent a Christian Siriano dress to wear to an evening wedding and then you choose a second dress from Milly to wear to the brunch the next day. Both are delivered on the same day, in the same box, and returned together, on the same return date. The second style must have a rental value equal to or less than your original style.

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