Frequently Asked Questions

Refer a Friend

  • How does Refer a Friend work?

    At Rent frock Repeat, we want to reward you for each friend you refer who ends up renting a frock! From any page on the site, click Refer a Friend and you'll be prompted to enter the email addresses of up to five friends. We'll send an email to your friends, and for every referral that ends in a rental, you'll receive $15 in RfR Credits toward the rental price of any dress. That's just our way of saying thanks for letting your friends in on your fashion secret!

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  • How will I know when a referral has been processed?

    You can check the status of all of your referrals through the My Referrals page. There, you'll be able to convert referrals into bonus coupons to use toward the price of any rental.

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  • Can I send a reminder?

    Yes! If your friend is a little slow on the uptake, you can always send a one-time gentle reminder after 7 days through the My Referrals page by clicking the Send Reminder button beside their name. Please keep in mind that after 30 days, an unregistered friend will be removed from your referral list.

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  • My friend rented a dress, but I didn't receive the $15. What happened?

    We can only track referrals if a friend registered by clicking the unique URL in the email they received when you referred them.

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